Torts / Damages
Personal Injuries – In order to receive the maximum possible compensation due to personal injuries due to an accident or illness, the injured must operate in a certain manner. Compensation lawsuits due to personal injuries can be very complicated, and they require great skill, experience and professional representation by the lawyers.
It is recommended to call upon your lawyers as early as possible in such event. Indeed, in the case of a personal injury lawsuit, a good lawyer can efficiently guide the injured in dealing with this situation, in regards to medical care issues, documentation of medical papers and receipts, addressing additional factors such as national security, etc.
Our office has vast experience in the field, and we specialize in personal injuries and damages. Our lawyers provide their clients with legal representation and consultation throughout the process, at court and in the different statutory committees.

- Road accidents
- Work accidents
- Medical malpractice
- Falls and injury from falling objects
- Sports accidents
- Personal Accident for Students
- Slander and discrimination lawsuits
- Property damages