Real Estate
As part of our service, an expert lawyer in the field of real estate will accompany you throughout the negotiations, preliminary legal research, and requirements to be met prior to purchase for the authorities/institutions /relevant entities prior to the purchase (such as: Land Registry and Settlement of Rights Department, Israel Land Authority, housing company, mortgages registrar, and others.) We also provide the following services:

• Writing and conducting land contracts, including: apartments, houses, land plots, stores, offices, lands and agriculture fields, etc.
• Legal representation for the buyers in purchasing new apartments from a contractor.
• Handling ownership transfer deals with no compensation (transferring ownership over an apartment to a relative or third party as a gift.)
• Apartments and real estate ownership transfer due to divorce.
• Apartments and real estate ownership transfer as inheritance.
• Registration processes of real estate (at the land registry bureau) in Israel, including: Warning note in real estate, mortgage registration commitment, mortgage cancellation, different registrations at the Israel Land Authority and the housing company, along with different reports required according to the real estate taxation law.
• Comprehensive legal treatment in conducting real estate combination deals, including parceling, planning issues, and more.
• Legal treatment of issues relating to condominiums.
• Writing and conducting additional contracts in the field of real estate, such as: Real-estate partnership agreement, partnership cancellation agreement, etc.
• Representing acquisition groups in land plots, residence and business constructions.

Legal representation in litigation related to real estate, in the different judicial instances in Israel, including: representing new apartment buyers during construction issues lawsuits, compensations due to expropriation or deterioration, tenant evacuation lawsuits, enforcement of contract, compensation lawsuits due to breach of contract, and more.
Extra service for real estate deals – notary confirmations
Atty. Jonathan Aflalo is also a certified notary, with a license by the Justice Department's Notary Licensing Department.
In light of this, the Aflalo Real Estate and Notary Law offices provides a package of services including - real estate lawyers, notary certification and additional permits. That in order to provide our customers with the best solutions when authenticating signatures is required, as it often occurs in real estate deals, such as:

• Authentication of signatures by a notary on power of attorney related for real estate and the mortgage bank;
• Authentication of signatures by a notary on irrevocable power of attorney for real estate activities in the process of purchasing an apartment from a contractor;
• Authenticating the notary's power of attorney for different activities by a real estate attorney;
• Notarized life certificates for the Land Registry and Settlement of Rights Department and different authorities;
The lawyer speaks Hebrew, English and French as mother languages.

Real Estate Consultation Meeting
During the consultation meeting, we will be able to provide you with information and answers to different questions and real estate related issues.
In addition, we will provide you with legal guidance, along with personal and practical tips, including useful and important tools in every real estate situation.
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